Sika Flooring has a full range of floor screeds for both industrial and commercial projects. The range allows you to ensure a perfect substrate ready for the application of a subsequent floor finish.

SIKA FLOORING SCREED SYSTEMS are designed to minimise downtime and to allow for a fast track application time in readiness for the final floor finishes. Sika Flooring Screeds can help you ensure a facility returns to service quickly, without compromising performance.

Preparing the substrate is the most critical stage to ensure that your floor finish is applied to the highest standard. It should be considered alongside the specification of the complete flooring system. If you specify a Sika Screed along with a Sika Flooring finish you can guarantee the whole system by one manufacturer, making the whole floor Sika Secure. This helps you to minimise risk of system compatibility, improve project time management with all the materials arriving on site by one supplier and helps you secure a guarantee for the whole floor from the bottom up.