Sikafloor®-348 Level Overlayment

High Strength Shrinkage Compensated Self-Smoothing Cementitious Topping

Sikafloor®-348 Level Overlayment is a fast setting flow applied cementitious topping that is ideal for levelling screeds in preparation for trafficked coatings, direct trafficking or polishing. Shrinkage compensated, strong and fast curing it can accept foot traffic after about 8 hours, can be directly trafficked or can accept most resin based coatings. With close adherence to the simple mixing and installation instructions Sikafloor®-348 Level Overlayment produces a smooth trafficable finish. It is compatible with most commonly used floor hardeners, coatings, adhesives, carpet, linoleum and similar floor finishes as well as with hard wood flooring, ceramic tiles etc.

  • Shrinkage compensated & fast cure for regular foot traffic and thin section coatings
  • Self-smoothing, does not require troweling to finish
  • Can be pumped or poured
  • Fast application, hence minimum disruption and down time
  • Wide water tolerance ensures proper performance
  • Economical – lower cost than resin based systems