Września, Poland

The new generation of Volkswagen Crafter commercial vehicles are manufactured in a new modern car factory in Września, Poland. The plant's production was launched in Late 2016. The plant covers over 220 hectares, which constitutes an area of approximately 300 football fields. The production capacity of the plant is 100,000 vehicles per year. After reaching full production capacity, the VW plant will be operated by approximately 3,000 people. The plant can make 20 vehicles per hour, which produces 450 cars per day. Sika provided solutions from basement to roof.

Project Requirements

The investor requested comprehensive solutions with excellent durability at the best price, complying with both Polish and German technical requirements.

  • Roofing - The total size of the roofing project was 394,000 m², 330,000 m² of which required roofing installation within four months. Another challenging aspect was a great number of details which made roof installation much more complex. Additionally, experience, reliability, research-confirmed durability of materials as well as comprehensive technical support were required from the building chemicals supplier.

  • Flooring - The basic requirements for industry floors were to ensure cleanliness and sterility of rooms and protection of groundwater against contamination. Some rooms required also watertight floors and joints.

  • Protective Coatings - About 18,000 tons of steel with a total surface area of 450,000 m² required corrosion protection in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 12 944 standard: corrosivity class C2, expected working life: high > 15 years.

  • Concete Admixtures - Some internal roads and squares were designed with concrete surface (air-entrained concrete mix). Moreover, concrete floors with surface hardening powder were designed in the production rooms.

Sika Solutions

  • Roofing - on the roofs of the new Volkswagen factory in Września, Sarnafil® TS system was used which consists of roof waterproofing membrane Sarnafil® TS 77-15 loosely laid and mechanically fastened to the structural roof, vapor control layer Sarnavap® 1000E and all necessary additional accessories.

  • Flooring - Sikafloor® resin floors were laid on about 90,000 m² of surface. Different flooring systems were applied depending on the requirements of the specific areas. For example, to ensure tight and chemical resistant floor, Sikafloor®-264 epoxy resin was applied offering a smooth and slip-resistant, so-called "orange peel" surface. Where necessary, antistatic resin flooring Sikafloor®-262 AS was used. Additionally, in the special cars hall, an electrostatic conductive resin with high chemical resistance called Sikafloor®-381 ECF was used.

  • Protective Coatings - to achieve corrosion protection of steel structures SikaCor® coating systems were used. All coatings were applied in the workshop.The main advantages of Sika corrosion protection solutions are: quick drying time, cost-effectiveness, optimal balance of price and durability.

  • Concrete Admixtures - Sika's admixtures were used for about 70,000 m³ of concrete mixes from three different manufacturers. Depending on the installation place, function, time of laying, expected performance etc., concrete mixes were designed with: plasticizers, superplasticizers, air entraining admixtures, and accelerating admixtures causing the rapid increase of the early strength of concrete.

Product Families Used

Sikafloor® CureHard
Sikadur® Combiflex SG System

Sika® ViscoCrete®
Sika® ViscoFlow®
Sika® Rapid
Sika® FS
Sika® LPS

Project Participants

Owner / Investor

Architect / Engineering Supervision / Construction Management
Marek Szczerbaluk, Assmann Beraten + Planen, Assman, ICL - Ingenieur Consulting Langenhagen GmbH, Durr/ Atelier Architektury, PM Group

Main Contractors
Durr/Hochtief Polska, Strabag, MBN/Freytag , Rembor , Eiffage

Specialist Subcontractors
Roofing: Pold Plast , Ekotechnika, Poburski Aster Garden
Flooring: Sonnex, Chemobud, PAL-GAZ
Protective coatings: Zublin Stahlbau, Mostostal Słupca,
Smulders Polska, Konstrukcje Stalowe Hyżyk, Metalbark,
Cermont, Banimex
Concrete technology: Strabag, Lafarge, BT Poznań

Sika Organization
Sika Poland