Sikacrete®-213 F

Wet sprayed fire protection mortar

Sikacrete®-213 F is a 1-part, cementitious, fire protection mortar for wet spray application. Suitable for fire protecting all types of reinforced concrete buildings and civil engineering structures including tunnels. It contains phyllosilicate aggregates, which are highly effective in resisting the heat of hydrocarbon fires. The fire protection performance allows a reduced thickness of fire protection required compared to concrete. The fire protection layer thickness depends on the specified fire resistance.

  • Pre-bagged dry mortar mix
  • Application by the wet spray process
  • Minimal layer thickness to comply with fire regulations
  • Does not contribute to the formation of smoke or toxic fumes during a fire
  • Light weight, low density
  • Easily surface finished by trowel or wood float
  • > 240 minutes fire resistance achievable
  • Minimal rebound